Monday, September 24, 2007

Paint By Numbers

Brian and I started painting a super complicated paint by numbers. Any guess as to what it's going to be?
Paint By Numbers - Empty
It actually called for mixing colors! I've always worked on simple 12 color only ones my entire life, so this was a shock.
Paint By Numbers - Session 1
After careful consideration, we decided to stay old-school and stick with our 12 color palette.
Paint By Numbers - Session 2
It's coming along. We are going to paint all the single color shapes first, then flip a coin to decide which color to paint the ones we're supposed to mix. Paint by colors is such a great idea though, I wish I was that good of a painter where I could formulate my own paint by color series. Maybe I will anyway!
This weekend, I got a little craft crazy... a can of spray paint was involved. I should finish a few projects soon and will post tomorrow.


myteemingee said...

wow. that looks muy complicatedo. the brushes they give you look so fat, how are you supposed to stay within the lines? :)

looks like a horsie! :)


Chip Ahoy said...

Once I saw my mom do one of these. She hasn't a creative bone in her body, bless her, she tries. She follows instructions well but not from a book. I always imagined these things could be a good starting point to learn about blending. Imagine the hard lines in the horse's mane defined by the numbers to be smudged as they would be in real life, as a painter would do. Same for the grass. Especially the clouds. Light has a tendency to flow around things. Hard shadows suggest hard surfaces.

Having said all that, good luck mixing your colors before applying them. That's a whole 'nuther ball game. Great experience though, to learn not to be satisfied with what comes directly out of the tubes.