Thursday, August 23, 2007

Root Beer Float

It's been way too hot in the valley for food. Instead, I've been eating this for dinner for the past 3 nights.
Root Beer Float
When I was a little girl, I hated root beer floats. Something about the creamy ice cream mixed with carbonated fizzy drink didn't do it for me. A few months ago, it was a hot day in San Diego. Brian and I had tickets to go see Morrissey, but were so sleepy from our drive over, we decided to get some coffee. Well, I'm not really a coffee drinker, and it was hot, and they had a root beer float on the menu! For some reason, all of the things that turned me off about root beer floats before (the creamy mixed with the fuzzy) sounded super good at that moment, so I ordered a root beer float. After ordering, I discovered it cost $10(!), so I kindly declined and asked for an iced tea instead. I snuck away to the bathroom while Brian's coffee was being made, and to my surprise he bought me my $10 root beer float! It was wonderful! And that would be the day that I re-discovered and fell in love with root beer floats.

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jason murray said...

ha ha ha...
i could relate this incident to myself. i get bored of having the same brand of cigar everyday. I thought never to buy cigar of that brand again. One evening when me and my friend Jeff went to a cigar bar, I first thought of having the same cigar brand but for some reason, i declined. but after a while, our another friend came, and offered us both the same brand of cigar.