Thursday, August 16, 2007

Egg Progress

I can't explain it.
Hard Boiled Egg - Attempt 3
After 17 minutes in simmering water, my egg was still raw. I then added an extra 4-5 minutes of boiling to it, and what you get is pictured above. It was better, and tasted good, but I think I still need to let them boil a little more. Maybe next time I'll give them about 7-8 minutes. Sometimes it's the simple things that are the hardest to do.


Amy Cameron Evans said...

this just isn't right. 17 minutes? really? and you started with a rolling boil? either your burners don't get hot enough or you're boiling frozen eggs. really. this is odd. kudos to you for sticking with it, though. you'll master the hardboiled egg soon, i just know it!

dailycraft said...

Maybe I should do some step by step photo documenting of my entire process. My water was rolling and I timed it for 17 minutes. I have a gas stove, so it's all fire.. I can't really expain it. I shall try again next week, maybe?

Anonymous said...

are you trying to make a hardboiled or a 3 minute yolky egg? if you're doing hardboiled and have chopsticks, the egg is ready when you can use the chopsticks and pick it up. if you're doing 3 minute egg, you put the egg in cold water on the stove and as soon as the water comes to a heavy boil, you start the timer for 3 minutes and then run it under cool water after that. good luck!!