Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bad Auntie

I'm horrible. I've been spelling my niece's name wrong all along, Annabelle is really Anabelle. I'm so glad I double checked on that one, because I would be really sad if I finished the hand embroidered tag, spelling her name wrong. Not good.
Anabelle Emboidery
So far I have only started drawing things in, but it is going to have a baby rattle and going to read, "to Anabelle, Love, Auntie Annette". This is going to take possibly forever, but my goal is to have it ready in time for Christmas. I want to make 2 more for Julia and Andrew (my other niece and nephew), but they might have to wait for their birthdays next June and July.

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chiffonade said...

You are such a wonderful aunt! :)