Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Am I Done Yet?

Not yet. I kept having the feeling like something was missing on this quilt, and this morning it came to me! The tag!
Annabelle Quilt
I originally wanted the binding to be blue, but Joann fabrics and I both ran out of the blue, so I went with green, and I'm pretty happy with it. I might use some of the green for the tag to tie it all in.
Annabelle Quilt
When I first decided on making this quilt, I said it's either going to be "really simple or kinda complicated", and it became both. It's still a simple quilt, but I added complicated touches, that were new to me.
Applique' wasn't too hard to do. All I did was buy a quilting magazine that had some instructions in it, talk a bit to the woman at Joann's, then figure it out.
A scalloped edge wasn't as hard either. I found instructions for that online! Sure, my scalloped edges are a mess, but so are my applique', so I just figure it goes together. Plus, it's all about handmade! Quilts should look a little messy sometimes, being too exact would take all the fun out for me. Plus, if I want it to look like a machine did it, I'll just buy a machine quilt instead. Though, I highly respect quilters who have the patience and talent to make their work looks so perfect. Maybe someday I'll have the patience for it, but until then, crooked edges for me.

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