Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Project Quiltaway

After I washed the quilt fabric and all the pieces, I folded the top and put it in a corner. I didn't want to think of the ironing that had to be done, because it's such a large piece. So I decided to put on my Project Runway DVDs and get to work.

Ironing the Quilt top

After ironing it out, I sat down and sketched ideas for the back, doing all the math (ex. If I stitch 2 44" panels together for the back, should I stitch every 5" or ever 10" so that the seams on the front and back are where the quilting stiches happen? Should I include patterned fabric as a border on the back or just go with the brown? If I do have patterned fabric, how wide/long should the pieces be? Will they also meet with the seams while quilting? etc...)

Starting the quilt back

I came up with a tentative plan, that I think will work. I have 2 panels of brown (see above) and as far as right now, I'm going to border the panels with 20" long rectangles (the length of 4 little blocks) and I might stitch my quilt at every 10 inches. I did have to take math 3 times over in college, so this all might change, depending on how many mathematical errors I make.

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