Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Basting the Quilt

I didn't realize how challenging it was to baste a quilt this size (90"x110"). I used the same technique with my last quilt, which was only about 28"x35" or so. First, I lined up my sandwich of bottom, batting, and top. After straightening it all out, I pinned a line through the middle, using safety pins, attaching all layers.
Pinning the quilt to all it's layers

The bottom layer went first. I pulled the top 2 layers back (pinning the bottom layer to the ground, so it stays put). I sprayed a layer of basting spray over the batting and slowly rolled it over the bottom and continued until the entire quilt was done. Quilting will start tonight.
Basting the Quilt

Time to start thinking about my next project.

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