Thursday, March 29, 2007

Someone Please Teach Me How To Sew

Maybe I do need lessons. I'm really decent at sewing straight lines, it's the curves that throw me off. After making a little cozy for my machine to sit on, I thought, I'd give her a blanket too. It started off good, with the uncut (un-ruined) fabric.

But once I started putting things together, it was bad. The front looks not as bad.

But, the side frightens me.

I might be having fun with my seam-ripper and Netflix tonight.


Anonymous said...

this is Heather McCool, sister in-law of Josh McCool.

we met once.

I made a sewing machine cover/cozy thing, and it came out really good and it was easy:

I took fabric, guestimated how tall my machine was for the width of this chunk of fabric, then I cut a really long strip.

Then, I wrapped this chunk of fabric around the sides of the machine so that it was tight around the base of it and overlapped by like 3 inches at the ends.

then, I wrapped it around it inside and pinned darts around the four corners to make it fit with how the machine is like smaller at the top then the bottom.

then i Sewed the darts.

then I cut a generously guestimated rectangle for the top, pinned it all while it was on the machine, and sewed it!

if I had pictures it would make so much more sense.

the point of the directions:
-to help you if you want to make another one.
-to help you decrease the amount of sewing involved (you, like me seem very 'end of project-details aren't that important' orientated.)
-and maybe show you that people that just come out of the no where, read this, think about it and then hav to comment, even if there isn't necessarily any grand goodness coming out of it.

-i'm done.


dailycraft said...

Hi Heather, I remember you :)

You make it sound so simple! Issue #28 of Ready Made Magazine actually has these directions on how to make a picnic bag, and I realized if I don't make pockets and don't add handles, turn it upside down... it becomes a sewing machine cover/cozy thing! The directions you wrote here are similar to the ones in the magazine! I will definitely refer back to this comment when I brave cozy # 2!

Thanks for the comment! Hope you're doing well :)