Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wedding Craft #9: Bow Napkins

While I was preparing sparkly meringues, my best friend Junko, was on my living room floor folding 200+ napkins into adorable bows.
Bow Napkins
Junko folded the napkins, then wrapped a piece of fabric ribbon around the middle and taped the ribbon in the back, to make these sweet little bows (below image by Our Labor of Love).
Bow Napkins and Jam.
They looked perfect with our homemade jam favors!

Up next: Wedding Craft #10: Quilt Guestbook


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You're correct. The "folding of napkins" added life to your presentation.

Susannah said...

What a great idea. They look amazing! A great addition to the decor. I wish I'd thought of that for my wedding!

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Lisa Michelle Cifuentes said...

Hi, I just saw photos from your wedding on la petite coquin. Everything looked so amazing! Seriously, so incredibly beautiful. I can't wait to read more of your posts!