Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Craft #8: Sparkly Meringues

The dessert table at our wedding was my pet project. Forget the dress, forget the venue, I was all about the dessert table. I wanted something whimsical, fluffy, and a little ooey gooey. We were lucky enough to have Sweet & Saucy Shop make our cake, caramel apples, and strawberry shortcakes and our friend Jill made us hundreds of French macarons. We also had a fun array of candies, fluffy pink donuts from Colorado Donuts, powdered donuts, cotton candy (thanks to our friend Maegan), and my sparkly meringues!
Sparkling Meringues
Everyone said I'd be totally stressed days before the wedding, but I was surprisingly calm. Brian, my friend Junko, and I all hung out, preparing last minute details, but we were all pretty mellow. Mellow enough to drive down to Trader Joes and buy a few cases of meringues, some white chocolate, and some pink and blue shimmery sprinkles. First, I melted the chocolate.
Melting white choclate
Then, I dipped each meringue lightly into the chocolate.
Dipping the meringues
Before the chocolate dried, I dipped the meringue into a plate of sprinkles. Either blue or pink.
Sparkling Meringues
I had quite a little assembly line going on.
Sparkling Meringues
I was so excited about how they were coming out, they looked like little jewels.
Sparkling Meringues
Or, exotic underwater sea creatures! They looked so lovely at the wedding, here they are, photographed by Our Labor of Love:
Sparkling Meringues

Up next: Wedding Craft #9: Bow Napkins


SuSieJaKe said...

This is really pretty and it looks so yummy. :)

discounted photo paper said...

Yes, seem to be yummy. I love the color as well.

Ariel said...

Love the colors and these look soo fun to make!! good job!!

dailycraft said...

Thanks everyone :)