Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Green With Envy

Martha did me good with the chocolate chip cookies, so I'm going for the icebox cookies, with pistachios. I got a fresh batch of pistachios from Sunday's farmer's market, so I was ready to get to it.
Farmer's Market Pistachios
After peeling the shells off of the pistachios, I crushed them a bit and added them to my icebox cookie batter. I also added a few drops of green food dye, to give them a nice, fun tint.
Cookie Batter and Crushed Pistachios
Martha suggests putting the parchment covered cookie rolls into cardboard tubes, which I did not have.
Ice-Box Pistachio Sugar Cookies
So, I'm afraid my cookies will not be perfect circles, but as long as they are tasty, I won't mind. They are in the fridge for now - but results will be posted soon.

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