Monday, April 07, 2008

Breakfast Of Champions

It's been quite a few weeks. Homework? Not really. Crafting? Yes, but that wasn't it either. I actually got out of my apartment and socialized.. a lot. I'm not a hermit or anything, but I'm not the type to go out all day, all night, everyday. Well, the past few weekends, I have been the type that goes out, a lot. It's been nice. A little crazy, but nice. Waking up has been a bit more difficult. My weekend mornings have been later than usual, but whether it's 7am or 2pm, I still love me some breakfast.
Fruit Loops
My mom visited me on Saturday afternoon. She brought me Fruit Loops too! She knows my addiction to sugary cereal all too well. It's my weakness.
Eggs and (veggie) Sausage
Though, I'm also a sucker for over-easy eggs and veggie sausage. Breakfast is my favorite.

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