Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Librarian Embroidery

Today at school, I will be meeting with a "stitch n' bitch" group to work on my embroidery (they said it was open to all textile based crafters). What better time to start my librarian embroidery then at library school, right? After deciding to add librarian themed embroidery on my scrappy quilt, I've been searching the internet for the perfect pattern. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything I really liked, so I took inspiration from this and made my own (see the drawing on the upper left corner).
Beginning my new librarian embroidery project
I started getting a little too excited about it last night and made some good progress. Who knows? Maybe when this is done, I'll make a little library embroidery kit of my own!


diddlinaknits said...

Looks great-i'll take a kit :)

dailycraft said...

I'll send you a message when they arrive... I'm guessing in about 2 months or so?