Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Little Pink Quilt

Well, it's not actually my quilt. I'm making a pair of these pink quilts for my two nieces Annabelle and Julia. They're a little more work than I imagined them to be, so my Christmas deadline might not happen.
Pink quilt stitching detail (front)
I've heard the closer and smaller your stitches, the better your quilt. That may be a rule for experienced, detailed, perfectionist quilters, so I tried the best that I could to get my stitches close and small. The problem is that I am not experienced, detailed, or a perfectionist. I am actually impatient, results-driven, and tired, so this may be a problem.
Pink quilt stitching detail (back)
I used the softest pink fleece I could find for the back... it's so snuggly. It's been very cold in my apartment too, so I keep warm as a I stitch. I do have a heater, but do you know that smell when you turn an old heater on after it's collected dust all year long? Well, I don't think I'm ready for that smell just yet.

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