Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cigar Box Makeover

My dad usually smokes a pipe, but once in a while the man likes his cigars. Since he knows I'm all about the crafts, I always end up inheriting his old cigar boxes. I do love the boxes, they're well made and so handy for storage, but sometimes they tend to clash with my decor. Like in this case:
Cigar Box
Cigar Box
I could actually see a collection of these, with original packaging, work in some one's home, just not mine, not now. Since my room is heading towards the light blue and white hues, I decided to cover this box in a light blue fabric. That meant, I had to paint the box white, so that the yellow and black wasn't blaring through.
Cigar Box Painted White
After it dried, I added a very light coat of PVA (acid free bookmaking glue) and started covering the box.
Cigar Box Painted White, Getting Covered with Fabric
I cut 2 slits for the sides and one long one that wrapped all the way around. I'm pretty happy with the end result.
Cigar Box turns into fabric covered box
Next, I will add a fabric for the inside.
Cigar Box turns into fabric covered box
But that will have to wait for another fabric, another day, another post.

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Peter Simmons said...

Really its a nice hobby to collect cigar boxes and to modify it to look even more beautiful.You can also use these boxes for storing your valuable articles & its quite handy also.Now i days i find most of the children used to collect these boxes.I am also getting lit bit nostalgic by reading you article as i was also a avid collector of these beautiful boxes.My father used to keep Cuban Cigars in those boxes.Nice to read,carry on and make your boxes as beautiful as you can.