Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moo Cozies

After getting my new Moos, I've been trying to make a fun little cozy for them. Last night I experimented with these two made from leftover quilt squares...
Moo pocket
I think these are good for a small handful of Moos. I do need to figure out some type of closure, possibly velcro?
Moo pocket
There are obvious problems with the bunched up thread, but I like handmade flaws. This weekend, I will try to experiment with more ideas, not limited to quilt square size. Though, I do have a paper to write and 100+ pages to read before I write it.. so it may have to wait until next week. I can't complain, being on campus when the leaves are turning red and orange have made me nostalgic. Walking around the brick buildings during the fall make me feel like I'm in Boston and though I love LA with all my heart and soul, I think there's something so romantic about the east coast in the fall.


Katharine said...

This isn't my blog but I use the tutorial to make something similar. They are so cute and easy to make.

dailycraft said...

Ohh, I love that! Thanks for the tip :)

stefanie said...

You could also try a magnetic snap-like thing. Those always look nifty and are easier than buttons or velcro.