Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Craft #6: Ring Boy Pillow

Andrew, our ring boy
I have the greatest nephew, ever. He's super cute and knows everything and anything about dinosaurs. He loves himself some T-Rex, but he also really loves being a "good boy" and taking on lots of responsibility. He took his duties as ring boy very seriously. Holding onto a pillow with our rings was not a joke for Andrew, he was extremely focused and ready to protect these rings and the pillow. I made the pillow using vintage handkerchiefs, from the same batch of hankies I used to make our invites.
Ring Boy Pillow
First, I sewed a piece of vintage ribbon in the middle of one of the hankies. I then sewed the two hankies together, leaving room to stuff the pillow. After stuffing the pillow, I sewed it shut, and that was it! Super easy! It looked real cute with Andrew's snappy outfit too!
Andrew & Alex
Here he is, pictured with my sister (his mama). Thanks for all the good work, Andrew!

Up next: Wedding Craft #7: Wedding Cake Topper

**Photographs by Our Labor of Love


Dini said...

great job.. try to look my and get inspired..

The Crap Blog Detective said...

A dinosaur pillow would have been more suitable.

Erin Khovich said...

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The Cutest Blog on the Block said...

Wow! Look at all these fun crafts! Awesome! We're following!

Ashley and Becky -

Nicky said...

that is really cute, i love the flowery pattern. I also love how children take responsibilities so seriously!

Discounted craft said...

What a creative idea! Those crafts of yours are amazing.