Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wedding Craft #4: Chris & Susana's Embroidered "Guest Book"

Greetings from Seattle, WA! We are so happy to be here and to help celebrate the marriage of our friends Chris & Susana today! Since they live approximately 20 hours away from us, there wasn't much we could do to help them plan their special day. However, Susana really wanted something different for their guestbook. She also mentioned something about fabric, having a hanging piece of art, and somehow tying in the fact that she's from Texas, Chris is from California, and they live in Seattle. I kept thinking about ideas for her, then texted her this horrid drawing that I quickly sketched while at work. I thought this might be a cute idea for embroidering this on a fabric, then having people sign it. I think the drawing left them a little skeptical, but the more we talked, the more they liked the idea.
Embroidered "Guest Book" I made, for Chris and Susana's wedding
I embroidered the design onto one large piece of fabric, which people will sign around.
Embroidered "Guest Book" I made, for Chris and Susana's wedding
I was going to put a nice edge on the fabric, but Susan and I decided it might be best to leave the edges of the fabric open, so they can be cut down if needed.
Embroidered "Guest Book" I made, for Chris and Susana's wedding
After guests sign the fabric, we can cut it down and add a decorative edge.
Embroidered "Guest Book" I made, for Chris and Susana's wedding
I'll be sure to post pictures of how the "Guest Book" looks after people sign it too!

Happy Wedding, Chris and Susana!!!

Up next: More wedding crafts from our wedding...


KindredSpirit said...

cool - very patient to stitch all that......!

Susannah said...

She's so lucky to have such a crafty person around! Cooking and decorating are one thing. Sewing and embroidering...? Another! I have a craft blog, but it will be a while before I do my own sewing! Great job. Where are the after pictures??

liz said...

This is sooooo cute! My fiance is from WA, and I'm from Texas too!

dailycraft said...

Susannah! You are right, I never posted the after pictures. The room was very dark, so I wasn't able to get a decent picture, but I posted one on my flickr page here:

Thanks everyone! :)