Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding Craft #1: The Shower Invites

Well, I haven't found my memory card, which holds all of my wedding crafts and pictures documenting all of the crafts we created for our wedding day.... however, I did have a few shots on my iPhone, so I'm going to start with those. Now, before the big day, were lovely showers. My moms and sisters threw me two fabulous showers, which I was given the task to make invites for one of them. Here's what I did:
My wedding shower invites
I must say, these invites are very me. I also used the same design and colors when sending everyone thank you cards (not pictured). It was really fun to create these invites. It was also good practice, since I designed and printed the wedding invites as well.

Up next: The Wedding Invites.

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