Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Viva La France!

I am in love with France. Ever since we got to France, I have been begging Brian to move there with me. Sadly, he continues to say no... so far. Don't get me wrong, I love my hometown of Los Angeles, in fact, I have tons of LA pride! There was just something magically lazy and happy about Paris that the city of LA lacks. Let's start with my most favorite things in the world: Food!
Is this not the most impressive ice cream cone you have ever seen?
The salted caramel was dreamy...
It was no Berthillion..
But, it sure was beautiful and tasty! Berthillion, on the other hand, was heavenly.
There were also macarons.
We were lucky enough to spend a few nights, a block away from the delicious Gerard Mulot. Above is one of the best macarons I ate in Paris... Nougat flavored! And their baguettes were amazing too!
Below is the ever so famous, Laudurée.
Unfortunately, there were so many macarons, that the unthinkable happened. I am now unable to look at a macaron, without being a little frightened. I know. How could something so adorable be so scary? Well, friends, I have visions of them chasing me now! I can't do the macaron anymore... for now. So, instead of showing you the most amazing macarons in all of Paris, from Pierre Hermes, I will show you the "Montebello" from Pierre Hermes instead.
Pierre Hermes: "Montebello"
The textures were incredible in this pastry. And as sick of macarons as I currently am, the texture of the macarons at Pierre Hermes were sickeningly, perfectly good. It was scary how good those macarons were.
Speaking of sickeningly good, who knew the falafel in Paris is so superior than all other falafel? Thank you L'As du Falafel for being so wonderfully tasty and inspring Brian and I to possibly start a falafel truck.
My favorite meal, by far, was our 3 course wonder at Bistro Paul Bert. It was all fantastic, but their Paris Brest, had both Brian and I at a loss for words:
Bistro Paul Bert, Paris Brest Dessert
I don't think I've ever had these flavors in my mouth before, so it's hard to describe, but if I had to.. I would just say painfully good, perfection. It literally hurt, it was so good.
Cotton candy as big as my head? Don't mind if I do!
Breakfast at Cafe Mabillion...
Croque Madame at Cafe Mabillion, Paris
Tiny cups of coffee, served with little chocolates...
There were also picnics. Oh yes, crispy chicken, fresh baguettes, fruit from the local marchet picnics...
All this, and what did Brian want to eat? A Royale with Cheese, from McDonalds. Ugh.
I blame Pulp Fiction. You can see my skepticism here.
And, not good. Brian agreed. We were soon back on the diet of baguettes, cheese, and wine.
But, friends, France is more than just tasty pastel macarons and the best baguettes you've ever eaten. Paris is LOVE. Passionate, happy, and blissful love. I love love. I love Paris. And, I love Parisian hotels! Look at all that toile...
Hotel Clement, Paris
Hotel Regyn's Montmartre, Paris
Now, imagine walking around the streets of LA in these bad boys:
I have no idea who this person is, but this is probably my favorite picture of the entire trip:
I enjoy this one too:
Paris is also mimes. Modern mimes for modern times.
Paris is Serge Gainsbourg.
Bike rides and picnics in Versailles:
See me go!
Having a picnic with a view of the Palace of Versailles
Riding up to the Palace of Versailles...
We even did Euro-Disney!
Euro Disney!
Though, I must admit, our Disney here is much better. Space Mountain an upside down ride? Who knew! It was kind of insane. I loved it... but it made me miss home (LA).
Paris is home (one day).

We also visited tons of museums and famous sites, all documented in my flickr page here. We both agree, just taking long strolls was our favorite part of Paris. It was romantic, beautiful, and maybe some day (hopefully), home.


Gabby said...

I love France! I lived there for a semester and would love to live there foreverrrrr (maybe after the kids are grown up).

myteemingee said...

OH PANNETTE!! These pictures are amazing!! Looks like you guys had a lovely and romantic time, thanks for posting an update! :) :) I miss you sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! Tell Brian I say hello, and welcome back, newlyweds! :D

Alice said...

What a great posting, one of the best ways to describe Paris is certainly through its' food. I can taste and smell the city!

Lesly Septikasari said...

this blog is interesting, i really enjoy the writings and pictures in it