Thursday, March 04, 2010

We've Been Busy

I am slowly going to be making a comeback (in a very big way) on this blog. It was a little over a year ago when Brian proposed to me. Since then, I have:
- 2 new jobs (working 50+ hours a week)
- Started training for the LA Marathon (26.2 miles)
- Somehow been planning a very crafty little wedding (little=200 people)
Oh yea, and we took pictures with the extremely talented Max Wanger

With less than 2 months left to go, we've had the showers, sent out the invites, and I'm slowly getting ready to reveal all the craftiness I've put into this wedding planning.
Oh, my lovely craft friends, it's craft intense.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were making an comeback :( Doesnt seem like it!
Your blog is awesome btw ^__^

Susan said...

Your blog is interesting. Hope to see more posts and see your come back.

lyssabear said...

P.S. because of your lovely blog, i started reading many more blogs. It all started 2 years ago when I stumbled on your crafty-food recipe blog and I was hooked. Then now, i'm loving the blog world thanks to your Daily-Craft. :D


Anonymous said...

Hi annette, its maribel. Love that picture of you and brian...true library kind of people. E-mail me to catch-up.

Prettyinpaisley said...

My name is Jennifer. I'm a crafter and new blogger.

I came across your blog randomly. I just spend 45 minutes reading about 20 posts back. Can't wait to read more posts as they come. I'm definitely following. :-)

Congrats on your marriage! The pictures are gorgeous.

Here's my craft blog, if you care to read it: