Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello Kitty Cakes

My lovely friend Maegan surprised me with a Hello Kitty cake mold last week!
Hello Kitty cake mold
Isn't it wonderful? I want to bake everything in it! Cakes, breads, jello molds, and anything else that would take on a kitty face! Luckily, it was a co-worker's birthday today, so I got busy late last night with a coconut cake!
Naked Hello Kitty Cake
I started with a basic white cake, with a little coconut extract. Then I soaked the cake in a mixture of coconut cream and sweetened condensed milk.
Hello Kitty cake in progress
While the cake soaked, I prepared a light coconut frosting.
Hello Kitty cake in progress (the frosting)
Frosting the cake was a bit tough, because I covered kitty's features. Luckily, my mobile phone's screen is a picture of Hello Kitty herself, so I had a quick reference point.
Hello Kitty cake in progress
It only got harder when I added the shredded coconut.
Hello Kitty cake in progress
As soon as I added the bow and nose, I saw kitty coming together.
Hello Kitty cake in progress
I did have a little trouble with the black rope licorice. It wasn't exactly moving the way I wanted them to and with the frosting covering the whisker place-markers, I may have made a little more whisker than necessary.
Hello Kitty Cake
I think I did better with cake number two (I made an extra cake for Maegan to thank her for the pan). Though, because I couldn't get the licorice to make little oval eyes, I made little sleepy eyes.
Hello Kitty Cake
I think I might skip the licorice idea next time, and just go for some black frosting instead! The cake tasted wonderful, though, it was really hard to cut into such a cute face!


myteemingee said...

Cool! You can totally tell it's Hello Kitty! :) Nice job!

Anonymous said...

where did you get this jello mold