Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Construction Paper Mural

Since my last post, I've been up to a lot. I think a list might sum it up best. Since my last post, I have:

-Ran approximately 28 miles
-Started interning at a public library
-Prepared and given my first ever children's story time at this library
-Started interning in a paper conservation lab
-Started and finished season 4 of The Office
-Finished season 1 of Square Pegs
-Eaten lots of vegetables
-Caught my car on fire on the freeway (yes!)
-Purchased a screen-printing kit
-Purchased a fancy Danish modern chair that I have no room in my apartment for.
-Ordered new Moo cards

Well, you get the idea. I've been distracted by a lot. Though, my public library internship has given me lots to be crafty about! I have been given the task of transforming 2 big blank boards into a permanent display of something fun and colorful for the children of the library to enjoy during their story time hour! That's a big task! The boards were originally covered with some dirty old dark paper. I immediately got rid of that and started with my blank slate.
My blank canvas
I thought it might be fun to make a "children of the library" type scene, with kids playing outside in a park. I started slowly with the sky.
Day 1
The library stressed they wanted color, so I gave them color alright.
Day 3
After three shifts, I finally got the background done. I also made lots of progress on the children, but I'm still creating their outfits!
Day 1-3
I have about 3 or four days left, about 12 outfits to create and a whole other board to finish. It's going to be tough, but I'll keep the blog updated with my progress.


Rose said...

Annette, this is absolutely lovely! How wonderful! I can't wait to see the finished art. It seems like it's going to be amazing.

myteemingee said...

OMG! So freakin CUTE! It's going to look great! And I bet you did just fine with the storytelling. :)