Monday, March 31, 2008


I went a little nuts making quiches over the weekend. Since I had both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests, I made a few variations to please everyone. I made both mini quiches and two big quiches. The mini quiches were fun to make. I didn't have a mini-cupcake tin, so I just lined the quiches with cupcake paper.
Mini Quiche Preperation
I served them hot out of the oven, as guests arrived. I didn't get to take a picture of them fresh out of the oven, but here they are towards the end of the night. I made chicken quiches on the left and mushroom, asparagus quiches on the right.
Mini Quiches
Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the big quiches too. They were so pretty fresh out of the oven! Here is the aftermath. The one in back was a bacon quiche and the one in front was a mushroom-asparagus quiche. All quiches had grilled onions, and some of them had sliced almonds.
Quiche Aftermath
I really got to experiment with them! Though, this whole experience made me realized that I probably should invest in a food processor at some point. I think it would cut my crust making time in half - though, I did really enjoy the process. I baked while listening to Tricot Machine, Belle & Sebastian, and Jens Lekman, which I highly recommend doing.

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