Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Fresh Bias-Tape Maker

I've been doing lots of sewing this week. My first priority has been to finish making a case for my new Mac Air. The bulk of the case is finished and it has been time to concentrate on the finishing details. That's where bias tape comes in.
Making Bias Tape
My bias tape maker has been sitting in it's package for months. I thought it was finally time to open it up and put it to use. I was surprised at how easy it really is! I kind of want to make all of my scrap fabric into bias tape now! Though, my scraps are also being used in another project. More on this other project tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog. I ended up on an entry last year because I was trying to decide what to do with an unfinished wall shelf for my craft area. Everything in here is white. I was thinking of painting it dark blue. Or maybe doing decoupage but thought it might be a bit gaudy when everything else is just white. But I didn't just want either plain blue or plain white. Anyway... off track there. I'm going to add you to my feedreader. You have some great stuff on here.

dailycraft said...

Thanks, wygirl! I've actually struggled with the same problem with my shelves. I know there are posts about my shelves in this blog, somewhere... I kind of like all white. Maybe you can get a piece of art, a pillow, a vase, or something to give it the extra pop of color?
Either way, good luck with your project!