Saturday, March 15, 2008

Almost A Month Later

I guess I got a little busy there. I still have about one more week of school and two more papers left, but I found a moment (notice 12:30am) to post in my neglected blog, that I love and miss so much. In the past few week or so, I've welcomed a new roommate to live with me. I went to the Mac Store and fellin love. Yes, the Mac Air is my new roommate. I also got a new pink nano and an external disc drive! I went a little overboard, but I think after all of the papers I've had to write and all the long hours I had to work this quarter, I was in dire need of a present. On a crafty note: cases for my three new toys are in progress and will be posted soon.
Other than that, I've been on a soup kick lately. I re-fell in love with good old Tomato Soup.
Tomato Soup
This weekend, I'm going to make my grandmothers recipe for Yogurt Soup (also known as Tan Abour). This is step one in Operation: Get Grandma's Recipes / Make Mom Write the Family Recipes Down / Annette Needs to Cook More Family Recipes.

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