Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Leeky Eggs

I just realized I never updated everyone on my adventures with Leeks. Well, they were very short lived. The first and last item I decided to make was scrambled eggs with Feta cheese, a pinch of (light) heavy cream, and some sliced leeks.
Scrambled Eggs
The Feta scramble is one I make somewhat often, so I thought adding leeks would be a subtle kick, just to see if I actually like Leeks or not. The eggs were good, but I think I enjoy them better without the Leeks. This led me to believe I’m not a Leek fan. Though, in my efforts to eating a bit healthier this year, a friend pointed me in this direction, to a recipe from the book French Women Don’t Get Fat. Leeks might be worth another shot.


chiffonade said...

I am really into leeks. There's a great leek and goat cheese tart recipe in the Local Flavors cookbook, which I'd be happy to copy for you if you're interested!

dailycraft said...

Still not sure I like Leeks, but I'm always up for new recipes!! I'd love a copy!