Sunday, February 24, 2008

Eat, Drink, And Library

I've been wanting to post this for weeks now. This is possibly the last quiche I'm going to make in a while.
And hopefully the first of many salads to come. As much as I love making those quiches and that fantastic crust, it might be a little too heavy for me right now.
My friend Meagan came over and made a lovely cake!
We finished it off with some Turkish coffee.
Only two weeks left for school and a lot of work left. I've kept myself quite distracted this weekend, by actually attempting to have a social life! This morning I tended to my Sunday routine of farmer's market, where I saw one of my best star sightings yet with her super sexy husband and baby. I have to admit, I had a major geek out moment. And while I got home and prepared to do my homework, Julian got me obsessed with Library Thing, so instead I am trying to catalog my own library. Sometimes I had doubts about my profession, but as I excitedly ran around my apartment looking for things to catalog, those doubts went away. I even ordered a cat scanner. If Library Thing catalogs music, then I'm going to stay inside my bedroom for months.

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