Saturday, December 02, 2006

Out in the Screens

Thanks to my friend, Davina, I have been enrolled in a screen-printing class for the past semester. Every Saturday morning, while everyone is still asleep, I sneak away to class and really get my hands dirty.

Last night's homework... working with my negative to create an amberlith background. I am going to be doing 2 projects with my image: tote bags (shown below) and a poster (will be shown next week, if I finish). The work below is for my poster next week...

Here is my screen attached to the textile machine, doin' it's thing...

And here are the 4 totes I made. I actually did a t-shirt too, which I'm probably going to sell along with these totes at Bazaar Bizarre.. though, I might keep a pink tote for myself!

A virtual high-five goes to anyone who can guess who these lovely ladies are....

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