Monday, February 14, 2011

Pasta In Casa! Hip Cooks, West LA

Well, happy valentine's day everyone! I was a little bummed out that Feb. 14 landed on a Monday, but it's given us the excuse to celebrate all weekend long. Saturday was massages and home cooking/baking and Sunday was "Pasta in Casa!" class at Hip Cooks in West LA. We got a gift card from Brian's sister last April, for our wedding and have finally put it to some good use! On the menu we had a Roasted butternut squash ravioli with sage butter (both Brian and my favorite, not pictured), then a Dill fettucine, salmon cream & vodka sauce. Making the dill fettucini sounded a lot more complicated, but it was basically the same pasta dough, with a little dill added to it The pasta itself was so pretty, here it is being put into the pasta machine.
Dill pasta
It was so much fun!
Dill pasta
We all had turns putting the pasta through the machine, here's Brian having a go at it.
Dill pasta
And it came out so delicious. Definitely our second favorite pasta of the day.
Dill fettucine, salmon cream & vodka sauce
The next pasta we made was called, Caramelle with mint, ricotta & lemon.
Caramelle with mint, ricotta & lemon
And finally we made a Portobello mushroom & spinach rotollo, red pepper tomato sauce.
Portobello mushroom & spinach rotollo, red pepper tomato sauce
Ugh, it was all very delicious. It was all so, so, so good.
Portobello mushroom & spinach rotollo, red pepper tomato sauce
The people joining us in class were all so nice and made the whole class a lot more fun and lively. Brian and I are already planning our next date over some Hip Cooks classes. Yay!


Hiroko said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
The pasta look so good!!! I sometimes make Japanese "Udon" noodle by myself but I've never tried pasta. It supposed to be the same process, so I should try one time.

dailycraft said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Do you use a pasta machine to make Udon or do you hand cut it?

I'm going to go buy a pasta attachment today....


bey0ndthinking said...

Looks delish! Great job and it makes me hungryyy.

Hiroko said...

I normally hand cut to make Udon.
I wish I have a pasta machine... :(

Alexis said...

Wow, that is so neat! The only pasta I have tried my hand at was a vegan gnocchi and it turned out terrible. Now I'm inspired to get to work on some pasta of my own :).

dailycraft said...

Hiroko - I just got a pasta machine! They are actually semi-affordable (especially if you have a coupon, like I did).

Alexis, you'll have give it another try! I think gnocchi is probably harder to make then regular pasta? I've never tried, but that could be fun to try next.. hmm..

bey0ndthinking - thank you!

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jhon mithous said...

recipes looks so good i will must try it at home..

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