Sunday, January 30, 2011

French Macarons With Mary

It's been quite a year! Happy belated new year to all of you! Since my last post, I've been involved in quite a few baking projects. In the past month, I've had several friends ask me to show them how to bake a few of my favorite recipes. Yesterday, my cousin Mary came over to learn how to bake macarons. Little did she know that those delicate little cookies are awfully fussy and require so much time and care. Before we began, I gave her a quick lesson on a few of my favorite macaron blog posts by Syrup and Tang, David Lebovitz, and Hisako Ogita's I love Macarons book. Then we went straight to it. We measured, whipped, and quickly got through our first batter - rose flavored macarons.
Piping the rose macarons
Rap the macarons, let them settle, then into the oven they went!
Rose macarons, baking in the oven
In addition to rose, we also made vanilla bean and mango.
They were delicious and gave us very little trouble!
Thanks for the fun day, Mary!


Kristin Ann said...

These look amazing and yummy!

jhon mithous said...


quotes of the day said...

i would love to eat it..