Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Apple Pies

What's better than Thanksgiving dinner? How about two Thanksgiving dinners? That's right friends, I went to Thanksgiving twice this year, so besides eating two times more food, I had to bake two times the pie! Ever since this whole diet business, I haven't baked much. Lots of low-calorie cooking, but very little baking. So, I was a little excited about getting to bake again. Making pies is fun! Though, it can be quite a time consuming process - especially when you have to bake two.
Making Pies!
I made the crusts the night before, and chilled the discs of dough overnight. That made it a little easier in the morning. I don't have pie weights (yet), so I usually end up with a somewhat sloppy process of fitting the dough into my pie plate, but I think it came out okay? I used a fork to add some texture to allow the top of my pie crust to adhere a little easier.
Pie crust
While the pie crusts chilled in the fridge for a little longer, I worked on the apple filling. Mr B made the process go a lot quicker by helping me peel all the apples! After the apples were all cut, I added some lemon, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, flour, and a few cubes of butter. Then, in the pie crusts they go.
Making Pies!
Next, it's time for the top crust. I always use little cookie cutters for the vents. I almost went freestyle with some autumn leaves, but totally chickened out, since we were a little tight with time. I think the stars worked out just fine though. After adhering the two crusts, I brushed on my egg wash and poured a generous amount of sanding sugar on top.
Making Pies! Lots of sugar on top!
I let the whole pie freeze for about 30 minutes, then into the oven they went. Here is pie number one:
Apple Pie, fresh out of the oven...
And pie number two:
Apple Pie
I got to sneak a taste of each pie, and I do think pie number one was the winner.
I used an actual pie plate to bake this one, which ensured even baking. For pie number two, I ran out of pie plates, so I used a vintage pyrex dish that was somewhat pie shaped. Now, I love my vintage pyrex, but I gotta say, the baking was a bit uneven with this one. I might have to experiment again with an actual pyrex pie plate, but from now on, my little pyrex will go back to making casseroles and looking stylish.
Now, what will I be baking for Christmas....???


gatofish said...

Your pies look beautiful! But why did you put them in the freezer before baking? I've never heard of doing that.

dailycraft said...

Thanks Gatofish! You know, I'm not sure exactly why they should be put in the freezer before? But, Martha said so in her recipe, so I followed. Something about getting the pie to firm up before baking... Martha Stewart's Classic Apple Pie

Miss Rowley said...

i now a follower. you have a great blog and i am going to be back to see what else you have. have a great new year.