Saturday, December 27, 2008

Egg Nog Ice Cream

I'm generally not the biggest Egg Nog fan. I like it, but I can usually only stand a few sips before I realize it's just too much. I have to say, I don't feel that way about Egg Nog Ice Cream. I think it's because Egg Nog as a drink is too creamy, but how is it possible for ice cream to be too creamy? It's just not possible! Needless to say, I really did love how the Egg Nog Ice Cream came out.
Egg Nog Ice Cream
I paired it with some of my cracked Macarons that did not quite make it to the holiday parties.
Egg Nog Ice CreamI even experimented with Macaron-Egg Nog Ice Cream sandwiches!
Egg Nog Ice Cream Sandwiches
The almond flavor of the Macarons went nicely with the Egg Nog flavor! I think Macarons and Egg Nog Ice Cream might be repeats for years to come on the holidays...


Tessa said...

Cute cup!

julian said...

beautiful! your pictures are awesome too. my mom and i are very impressed!

lynda said...

A good macroon recipe is 1 bag unsweetened coconut and 1 can sweeten condense milk, mix together put in freezer over night or 3 hrs. drop by teaspoon on heavily greased pan. bake 350 til golden on tips.

dailycraft said...

Thanks for the recipe Linda!

Macarons are actually a whole different cookie from Macaroons, they just have similar names (which I think was done purposely to confuse us all, heehee).

The one I made is:

And I believe the one you are referring to is:

Both good cookies! One based on almonds, one based on coconuts.. and you know I love me some coconut! So, I may give your macaroon recipe a shot sometime!


GM said...

Love macroons!